References and Further Reading

On this page we have gathered together the resources that we found most useful when working with Unity meta files.

 Something missing? We’re always looking to expand this page with more useful resources as we find them. So, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you have new information to share.

Version control in Unity

Using external version control systems with Unity

Instructions for enabling Visible Meta Files in the Unity Editor.

Unity version control integrations

Instructions for configuring Unity’s built-in version control integrations.

Managing Meta Files in Unity

Explanation of meta files, common issues and how to version control them with Perforce.

Unity file formats

Format of Text Serialized Files

How Unity uses YAML to store settings a human readable format.


Overview of Unity’s customized YAML library, UnityYAML.

YAML Ain’t Markup Language

The YAML specification (v1.2) that Unity’s text format is based on.



A Unity plugin to find meta file problems (missing files, corrupt meta files, duplicate GUIDs) before they get committed.

Smart Merge

Instructions for UnityYAMLMerge, a tool for merging conflicts in Unity YAML files.

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The resources above are mostly informational, rather than instructional. If you have specific questions or need help with a specific issue or error message you might want to try our Unity Meta File FAQ.