Unity Consulting Services

Looking to help your Unity team work more effectively?

Our consultancy services help you to scale your development practices to cope with large projects and the large team sizes that come with them.

Agile Certified

We’re certified in Agile development, with over 10 years of experience growing and leading teams. This means we’re ideally placed to help you to adopt agile practices for the first time or to tune-up the processes you already have in place.

Strong believers that one size does not fit all, we take a collaborative approach to help you adopt practices that are tailored to the specific needs of your team, project and environment.

Game Dev Focused

Our experience in game development goes back quite some way. Back to the days of cartridges, assembly language and no version control.

While things have thankfully moved on a long way since then, our depth of experience means that we have a deep understanding of game projects, game developers and how their needs differ from those of enterprise software development.

So when we work with you, we won’t be trying to apply a cookie-cutter enterprise methodology that doesn’t account for your art and design teams. Instead, we’ll help you to develop in ways that allow everyone in the team to contribute to the product with an minimum of overhead.


Faster iteration speed and lower contribution overhead makes for a happier, more productive development team.

But as teams grow in size, they necessarily have to take on more organizational and process overhead to stop the project descending into chaos. This often means more barriers and increased latency for individual team members to contribute their work to the project.

A core principle of our approach is to help the teams adopt processes and technologies that help them work at scale while keeping contribution overhead low.

By doing this we help everyone on the team to contribute often and receive feedback rapidly. This leads to projects that move at a rapid pace, continually learning and improving to produce a great end result.

Flexible Engagement Model

We offer a lot of flexibility in our engagements. So whether you’re looking for interim technical leadership, a quick audit of existing processes or a longer programme of process improvement, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.